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"My Voice Matters" Peace Songs from Bentiu, South Sudan
“My Voice Matters” was a youth peace-building project organized by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) at the United Nations Protection of Civilians (PoC) site in Bentiu, South Sudan where about 110,000 people live after fleeing the fighting of the civil war that started four years ago (shortly after the country's independence in 2011). The goal of the project was to get people to express their feelings about peace through a variety of different ways including recording songs, drama, storytelling, and more. These 30 songs were performed and recorded by the internally displaced persons in the Bentiu PoC as part of the "My Voice Matters" project.


The Igbo people are mainly from southeast Nigeria and for the many West Africans who live in Minnesota, Igbofest is an annual celebration including drum groups, colorful traditional outfits, genuine African cuisine, and lots of dancing. Organized by Umunne Cultural Association of Minnesota, Igbofest 2015 was the 22nd annual festival in the twin cities and was held at North Hennepin Community College in Brooklyn Park on Saturday, August 8, 2015. This 5'43" edit was produced for KFAI, community radio in the twin cities.


A ten-part audio documentary featuring interviews recorded during David McDonald's service as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco. The ten one-hour shows were first broadcast on Northern Community Radio KAXE and KBXE starting in November 2014.


Understanding Powwows
A five-part series to encourage non-natives to attend powwows in northern Minnesota. Broadcast on Northern Community Radio KAXE and KBXE as well as Leech Lake reservation radio station KOJB.


Discovering The Little Brothers
Chelsea Annette Durand and Luke Durand, the author and illustrator respectively, wrote this children’s book about the Ojibwe language and culture. The audio version of the book was produced by DMcD Productions and broadcast on KAXE during the Morning Show with Scott Hall and Maggie Montgomery in June 2010.


The Ojibwe Hand Drum
This one-hour radio documentary about the Ojibwe hand drum was aired on KAXE in January 2011. Elders, drummers, and other experts shared their knowledge about the proper way to show respect to a hand drum and what it means for a drum to be an animate object with a spirit.


Under The Radar
A 10-minute audio essay that came out try-weekly (I tried to do it every week) in 2003. The program was political in nature with lots of music as filler and was produced on a volunteer basis for KAXE.


A 15-minute documentary encouraging young people to vote. The show was aired on KAXE before the 2002 and 2004 elections.


Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
A 15-minute audio documentary produced in association with freelance radio reporter Shannon McDonald about Grand Rapids High School plans to celebrate MLK Day. It was broadcast on KAXE on January 20, 2003.иии


Sunrise Center Against Sexual Abuse
17 audio public service announcements (PSAs) using the soundtrack from the three-part series Impulses of Internal Combustion.


Koochiching Public Health Department
Six 30-second PSAs from April 2000 about Kick Butts Day activities organized by Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids with Falls High School and Indus High School Peer Helpers.и


ISD #361 Alcohol and Drug Education Program
Ten 30-second PSAs about underage drinking produced by ISD #361 students from Falls High School and Backus Alternative School in International Falls with funding from Minnesota Join Together Coalition.


I.T. Connection
The sort-of-every-two-weekly call-in show about computers hosted by KAXE engineer Dan Houg and ICC Computer Services head Chad Haatvedt. Although both of these fine techies really know their stuff, in a moment of desparation they asked me to join the show as the APPLE guy since they don't deal with MACS. The show aired some Thursday mornings between 8:00ish to 9:00ish on KAXE a few years ago.